Have you ever wanted to direct a movie? Act out a role? Join the Skyline Film Club! We create short, 20-minute videos, and play them at our own film festival at Skyline! Alternatively, you can submit your own film.

Join the club!


Want to see what others have created? The Film Festival here at Skyline showcases the greatest submissions by students every year.

What we do What we do

The Skyline Film Festival operates to provide the Skyline community the opportunity to express

their passion and creativity in the art of film. In the Spring, we host an annual film festival to

showcase all of the talent within our student body. With the support of local businesses,

we offer prizes for best submissions, participants and attendees.

Where we meet

Where we meet

We have meetings every Thursday in room A411 (Mr. Samulak’s room), right after school.

Our meetings usually last an hour, but vary depending on what we need to talk about.

Feel free to stop by during the meet, or leave early.


What’s at stake

The annual Film Festival grants you the chance of winning up to 500 dollars!

We award everyone who is prescreened into the festival a $25 Target gift card,

and you can win even more!


$500 dollars

First Place


$300 dollars

Second Place


$100 dollars

Third Place