Your film should…

  • Be shorter than 10 minutes.
  • Be PG-13 or lower. Swearing is allowed, but not advised.
  • Have the majority of the students participating from Skyline and/or have directed it.
  • Be produced during a year in which you went to Skyline (may be produced during the summer).
  • Adhere to YouTube copyright polices. We do not require this, although it is highly recommended.

    Other information

  • To be eligible for entering the “freshman” category:
    • The majority of people involved in the production of the movie must be freshmen (e.g. if 5 kids made a movie, at least 3 of the 5 must be freshmen)
    • The lead role in the movie must be a freshman
  • All movies will be pre-screened and narrowed down before the event. The movies will be judged according to the following criteria:
    • How engaging/entertaining the movie is
    • Creativity/originality
    • Overall quality in post-production

Please note: You (or a representative in your name) must be present at the Film Festival until the end of the event in order to collect any prizes and/or money. If a representative in your name is present at the Film Festival, they must check in with Mr. Samulak before the start of the event.

Submit a Film